UniWin Scale Integration

At CONTROL STUFF INC we understand the multitude of factors involved in running an efficient and profitable organization. Automating your logistics system will increase speed, improve safety, and reduce human error all while improving customer experience and satisfaction.

In 1998, Infotech Logistics, a software solutions company specializing in weighing/scaling solutions, recognized the need for a weighing solution that could be easily customized to a facility. Today UniWin is in use in over 3000 facilities worldwide.

UniWin is a scale interface software designed to integrate into any facilities loading and unloading processes. Its unique configuration utility allows us to quickly create a custom application and still be more cost effective than standard, out of the box products.

    The UniWin software configuration utility allows custom weighing applications to be developed quickly and affordability. Using this utility, we are able to provide a customized weighing solution designed for your facilities processes. UniWin’s Import/Export dialog allows real time transfer of information from one system to another. All files can include fields with special validations and total fields. UniWin operates on a Multi-State/Multi Location principle. This gives you the tools to track and maintain any vehicle on site.

    Key Features:

    • 100% configurable to your facilities weighing process
    • Handles multiple platform and bulk weighing scales
    • Connects to cameras, printers, gates, I/O and other devices
    • NTEP Certified for any brand of scale
    • Real time data-exchange with any ERP system
    • On-Line and remote ticket printing
    • Flexible, custom reporting

    The UniMobile App allows full UniWin functionality on your Android or IOS device.

    • View and verify all base data, such as customers, products, orders, transporters, etc.
    • View and verify all transactional data, such as weighing’s, vehicles on-site, etc.
    • View status of all devices, such as scales, photo eyes, stop lights, etc.

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    UniWin Scale Integration

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