At CONTROL STUFF INC we believe employee safety is a critical aspect of modern day business. The ACCU-DRAFT system is a revolutionary concept for drafting and monitoring river barges during the loading and unloading process. The ACCU-DRAFT barge drafting system wirelessly transmits draft or freeboard readings accurate to 1/2 of an inch to the loader. This allows you to maximize your load while reducing trimming charges and hazardous on deck employee hours.

How ACCU DRAFT works:

Each deck sensor contains an Ultrasonic Transducer that sends out a burst of pulsed sound waves 10 times per second. These waves reflect off the water and are received by the transducer. The time for the burst to travel to and from the water is measured and converted into a distance measurement. This measurement is then transmitted wirelessly to the operator’s workstation.

When the barge loading is complete, the ACCU-DRAFT software stores the barge draft information in its database. This data can be viewed and exported, eliminating the need to manually enter data.

ACCU-DRAFT stores:

  • Start time and draft or freeboard
  • Finish time and draft or freeboard
  • Commodity information
  • Customer information
  • Payload loaded or unloaded
  • Barge information
  • Operator entered comments
  • Operator ID

During loading, ACCU-DRAFT displays:

  • Start filling time
  • Barge draft or freeboard
  • List and trim Graphic
  • List and trim measurement
  • Time and date
  • Sensor battery charge levels

Due to the dusty nature of barge loading environments the exterior case of the Deck Sensor is not waterproof. The interior components are watertight so if water does get into the box the unit will not be damaged. The Deck Sensor is powered on by connecting the battery, which lasts 12 to 14 hours between charges.

Each ACCU-DRAFT system includes:

  • Four (4) Barge Deck Sensors
  • One (1) ACCU-DRAFT Receiver
  • Eight (8) ACCU-DRAFT Batteries
  • Four (4) Battery Chargers
  • One (1) Receiver Antenna
  • One (1) Antenna Cable
  • One (1) Lightning Arrestor
  • One (1) ACCU-DRAFT Software License

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