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UniWin is a scale interface software specifically designed to integrate into any facilities process. Due to its unique configuration utility it will suit nearly any application requested. Using this configuration set we are able to build your custom application quickly, which will save you money over developing specialized solutions.

UniWin uses a “Multi-State / Multi-Location” principle, which gives you the tools to maintain any vehicle on your site. It also allows for different tickets to be printed at different locations. In addition to multiple scales and printers, UniWin can connect to other devices such as PLC’s, digital cameras, traffic control devices, badge readers, barcode scanners and many more.

The custom database will allow for any file to be defined (e.g. customers, products and contracts) as well as pre-programming files for vehicles and badges. All files can include fields with special validations and total fields (e.g. validation date, contract value and totals). The UniWin Import/Export dialog allows you to transfer any of these files from one system to another, in real time.

UniWin Key Features:

  • Completely configurable to your facilities processes.
  • Connects to several hundred scales, cameras, printers, I/O and other peripheral devices.
  • Multi-User, from a simple network to a Wide Area Network (WAN)Solution.
  • Import/Export of data in real time.
  • Full digital I/O supports traffic barriers, traffic lights or position checks.
  • Operate any scale from any PC in your network. It is not important where the actual device is connected.
  • Possibility for Multi Compartment Weighing and Partial Weighings.
  • A scheduler to define tasks to be done in the background at certain times. This will allow for
  • automatic reports and closures.
  • Advanced Custom Reporting Tools to output data on paper, graphs, ASCII-files and Fax/Email.
  • User login allows for several User-levels to be defined, giving access to certain functions.
  • Multi Lingual. For the User-Interface and Badgereaders (selfboxes) one of 16 languages can be selected by the operator. Languages for Selfboxes are applied on-line.
  • N.M.I. (Weights and Measures) approved with number TC5788, according to the European
  • Welmec Guide. (approval for non-automatic weighing instruments).
  • NTEP approved with number CC07-116. This certificate applies to North America.

UniWin Brouchure (.pdf 2MB)

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