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Temperature Monitoring

CONTROL STUFF INC is the World Wide Distributor for CMC Industrial Electronics Facility Monitoring Equipment. Suitable for commercial, industrial and Hazardous Applications, these products provide a complete Facility Monitoring System.

The system utilizes the latest Dallas 1-Wire technology with a fully digital sensor network. Field interconnect boxes provide a digital bus backbone for the system, using CAT5 cabling and 110 punch down terminals. These field interconnect boxes include branch disconnect switches and bus activity indicators for easy troubleshooting. The plug and play sensors, plug into RJ11 connectors in the field interconnect boxes, allowing 2 to 6 connections to the digital bus.

At CONTROL STUFF INC we can couple the CMC Facility Monitoring Equipment with top of the line HMI and PLC Systems to provide as a compliment to existing Automation Systems, or we can provide stand alone systems tailored to meet your facility’s needs.

Quality Features

  • Complete line of products designed for Commercial and Industrial Applications
  • Complete line of Intrinsically Safe products designed for Hazardous Applications

Featured Equipment

  • Bearing Temperature Sensors
  • Rub Temperature Sensors
  • Relative Humidity Sensors
  • Vibration Sensors
  • Speed Sensors
  • Analog Input Modules
  • Thermocouple Converter Modules (Grain Temp Cable)
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