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ACCU DRAFT™ Draft Measurement System

The ACCU-DRAFT system is a revolutionary concept for monitoring river barges during the loading and unloading process. ACCU-DRAFT wirelessly transmits draft or freeboard readings accurate to 1/4 of an inch to the loader. This allows you to maximize your load while reducing trimming charges and hazardous "on deck" employee hours.

ACCU DRAFT™ improves your barge loading process by:

  • Reducing “on deck” employee hours
  • Providing real time process information
  • Providing accurate payload calculations
  • Eliminating manual recording of data
  • Reducing trimming charges, due to overloading
  • Reducing shipping charges, due to under loading
  • Monitoring a partially loaded barge while your facility is unattended

Each ACCU-DRAFT system includes:

  • Four (4) Deck Sensors
  • One (1) ACCU-DRAFT Receiver
  • Eight (8) ACCU-DRAFT Batteries
  • Four (4) Battery Chargers
  • One (1) Receiver Antenna
  • One (1) 25 Foot Antenna Cable
  • One (1) Lightning Arrestor
  • One (1) ACCU-DRAFT Software License


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